Stephen and Sarah

Sarah and Stephen are such a bubbly couple that exudes with love and laughter. Their smiles are contagious and photographing them was an absolute honor! We took to the rolling hills of the beautiful island of Guam. The adventure began as we walked through the tall green grassy fields of the island. We were swept away by the views at the mountaintop, where you can see the waters surrounding the island. Depending on where your journey takes you within these hills, it can be very unforgiving, fierce and wild, but it is the end where it can be the most rewarding–the view. Come see a glimpse of where we stood, from the views in which we experienced!

Then we took our toes to the sandy beaches of Guam, where a rainbow appears almost everyday. Low and behold, a rainbow emerged as a lovely backdrop. We played in the warm waters a bit, had some laughs and enjoyed the sound of crashing waves come in. I always adore a couple who is up for adventure, who will take a leap of faith and trust the shots. Sarah and Stephen, may your love live on endlessly like the waves that never tire of rolling into the shore.

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